Skivimport presents
a guided tour through the
pre-listening session 2008

The owner of SKIVIMPORT was one
of 150 who was personally invited to
the event in Stockholm.

The few lucky ones got the chance to
meet the SONIC SYNDICATE band
members and hear the album
"Love and other disasters" some three
weeks prior to the official release date.

On behalf of the German record company
NUCLEAR BLAST, the Pre-Listening
Session was held in Stockholm, Sweden,
on August 28, 2008.

The band members of SONIC SYNDICATE and all the guests were gathering at the medieval restaurant "Sjätte Tunnan" located in the Old Town area of Stockholm, where the Pre-Listening session took place.

Richard Sjunnesson - Full power vocalist and founding member of SONIC SYNDICATE who also wrote most of the lyrics to the songs on the "Love and other disasters" album.

Roger Sjunnesson - Guitar player of SONIC SYNDICATE with song writing skills. He composed the majority of the tracks on the "Love and other disasters" album.

John Bengtsson - Rock steady drummer of SONIC SYNDICATE.

Bass player Karin Axelsson and the guys in SONIC SYNDICATE will back up the album "Love and other disasters" with a massive European tour 2008 together with Nuclear Blast label mates IN FLAMES.

Roland Johansson is not only a vocal force of SONIC SYNDICATE. He is also a talented guitar player and is actually performing a guitar solo on the album "Love and other disasters". Check it out on the track "Red eyed friend".

Rise and shine. Guitarist Robin Sjunnesson and the other band members were forced to get up early in the morning at 4:00 AM, the same day as the Pre-Listening session. SONIC SYNDICATE was scheduled to be featured on a Swedish TV-show, and their performance was shot and broadcasted live early in the morning at 6:30 AM.

An electric guitar that belongs to the owner of SKIVIMPORT was signed by Richard Sjunnesson, Roger Sjunnesson, John Bengtsson, Karin Axelsson, Roland Johansson & Robin Sjunnesson of SONIC SYNDICATE during the event.

All photos copyright SKIVIMPORT 2008