Guitar signing

The owner of SKIVIMPORT
Heavy Metal Store
met all 5 band members of
OPETH in Örebro, Sweden on
February 25, 2009 during the
Watershed tour.

An electric guitar that
belongs to the owner of
was signed by the band.

Backstage pass
Fully signed backstage pass

Standing: The owner of SKIVIMPORT Heavy Metal Store.
At the table: The five brilliant musicians that are OPETH.

Fredrik Åkesson - One of the best guitarists
to ever come from Sweden. He has previously
worked with Arch Enemy, Talisman & Krux.
Mikael Åkerfeldt - The OPETH Mastermind
put the pen to the guitar.

Martin "Axe" Axenrot - Technical high speed drummer of OPETH, whose recording career also
consists of albums with Bloodbath & Witchery among others.

Martin Mendez - Joined the group back in 1997
and is the longest serving bass player in OPETH.
Per Wiberg - Keyboard player extraordinaire.

Signed by Fredrik Åkesson, Mikael Åkerfeldt, Martin Axenrot, Martin Mendez & Per Wiberg.

The owner of
SKIVIMPORT Heavy Metal Store
tried to impress Fredrik Åkesson
with some cool licks and tricks,
but with a lame result…

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