The third annual Metallsvenskan Festival & soccer tournament
took place in May 2011 in Örebro, Sweden

The festival featured one of the first concerts ever with Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult. The supergroup featuring Hank von Helvete from Turbonegro and Tim Skold from Marilyn Manson's band played their fourth gig ever on May 14, 2011.

Metallsvenskan is a festival in Sweden where the artists not only perform with their bands on stage, but also participate in a football soccer tournament. For example, FC Glenn featured band members from IN FLAMES. FC Glenn and the In Flames-guys did well in the tournament and made it to the final, where they however lost against the team Rockklassiker which was managed by Ian Haugland from EUROPE. The Rockklassisker team also featured, among others, Jacob Binzer from DAD.

Adam Hector, BULLET, caught right after the band´s gig at the festival´s main stage on May 14, 2011.

Adam got so impressed by Mr. Skivimport´s eyeglasses that he begged to borrow them, and who can refuse such a request? So the spectacles that Adam is wearing on the photo actually belongs to Mr. Skivimport. Adam´s own is hanging in the zipper.

Guitar player Erik Almström relaxing with a beer after BULLET´s concert.

The legendary Bullet tour bus parked in the backstage area. Perfectly fit for hosting Highway Pirates…

Jonatan Ramm (guitar) & Joakim Nilsson (vocals/guitar) of GRAVEYARD a couple of minutes after they came off the stage after the concert on May 14, 2011.

Axel Sjöberg (drums) & Rikard Edlund (bass) of GRAVEYARD in the backstage area.

When Axel and Rikard noticed Mr. Skivimport´s Iron Maiden soccer shirt, they decided to share some news that had up until this point been a secret. The guys revealed that they just recently had received a confirmation that Graveyard would be the opening act for Iron Maiden at the Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden on July 1, 2011. The Ullevi Stadium have a capacity of more than 50 000 spectators, hence the band member's smiling faces above.

Jocke Skog from CLAWFINGER and his soccer team was pretty successful and made it to the semi final in the football tournament 2011.


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