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How to place an order & contact us:

If you want to place an order or have any questions, feel free to use the e-mail address below. International customers are welcome.
All prices are given in Swedish currency SEK and in Euro. List prices do not include postage.
No minimum order. We reserve items for 14 days.
When ordering, please supply your name, e-mail and postal address for response. We will let you know availability of goods and payment details by return e-mail. You can then confirm your order and send payment. Wait for the invoice, please donīt pay first.
The e-mail address is:


The postage for sending guitar picks worldwide is 2 Euros for standard mail, no matter where you live or how many plectrums you are ordering.
International mailing carries a higher risk. Without having the guitar picks sent via registered mail and the package is lost due to postage theft, the seller will not refund your money or send out additional items.
We therefore insist that the buyer pays for registered mail. The postage for sending guitar picks worldwide with registered mail is 10 Euros, no matter in what country you live or how many plectrums you want to buy.
Postage & packing for guitars is dependent on weight and destination. Please contact us for overseas rates.

Methods of payment:

Paypal is preferred, but it is also possible for the customer to send cash in a registered envelope. Euros, UK Pounds, US Dollars or your own currency are accepted if you would like to send cash.

Please note that if you are sending cash, you are only allowed to send notes as payment.
Please do not send any coins.

Shipping information:

A fast and friendly service is offered and international customers are more than welcome. The products are shipped worldwide. The aim is to send out all items within a few days of receipt of payment.

We strongly suggest that electric guitars shipped outside of Sweden will be delivered with the neck unbolted and unstrung. That is to prevent damage from tension and pressure to the guitar neck during the freight. The customer will recieve the guitar with all parts and strings. Re-assembly is easy and the only tool needed is a standard screw driver.


No discount available for international customers at the moment.