Vince Neil

of Mötley Crue

Genuine guitar pick

List price: 17 euro

Special price for a limited time:

12 euro


SKIVIMPORT is now proud to offer genuine guitar picks from Vince Neil, who is the lead singer of Mötley Crue, for a very advantageous price. These white guitar picks were obtained at a Vince Neil concert at the Ogden Amphitheater in Ogden, Utah, USA. The show, with a crowd of 2500 people, took place on September 1 2006 and was a warm-up concert for the upcoming Mötley Crue tour which was about to kick-off just a few days later. Vince Neil was backed up this night by members from the band SLAUGHTER, namely Dana Strum on bass, Will Hunt behind the drum kit and the guitarplayer Jeff Blando.
SKIVIMPORT got these guitar picks through Jimmy Redmond who is the drummer of the band PERFECT DISORDER, which was the opening act for Vince Neil at Ogden Amphitheater this Friday in September 2006. Jimmy Redmond got a few guitar picks backstage after the concert and now, thanks to him, SKIVIMPORT can offer these to fans of Vince Neil and Mötley Crue worldwide. Vince Neil´s characteristic skull and racing flags are on the front of the guitar pick. A printed Vince Neil signature is found on the reverse side.


Artist: Vince Neil of Mötley Crue
Goods: White Guitar pick
Graphics: Black print on both sides
Condition: Mint
Status: Authentic/Original
Country of origin: USA
Year: 2006

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